The Original Four Sided Knitting Needles.

*Due to the difference in the Four Sided Needles to traditional needles, we STRONGLY recommend you knit a swatch for gauge.
Please note, most knitters go up one needle size in the circulars and dpns to obtain gauge.*

"The Square® needles are a wonderful thing!! I can knit longer!! I didn't believe it but, I am knitting the baby surprise sweater and I started on the Square's® to give them a try and I was getting a lot of stitches so I switched to the circular and my tennis elbow went nuts....then it dawned on me....maybe it is the needles, so I went back to the Square's® and no problem. I love them. I need more!!!"
- Jan from Wisconsin

"I was in a car accident 7 months ago. I couldn't even hold my knitting needles for 3 months. Because of the pain, I could not knit for 5 months! I tried these Square® Needles've got to be kidding...these won't work. Well....I LOVE these Square® Needles! I can hold these Square® Needles easier than the round ones...And without any pain in my hands! I am adding these to my needle collection."
- Jo from New Jersey

The K Cable (original Square® Circular cable) was developed because Susie wanted a circular cable that could be used right out of the package, instead of messing with softening a cable before she started knitting. Two and a half years later, and after MANY prototypes and testers, the K-Kable was born. A cable that won’t Kink, Kurl, or Knot. Susie was elated, along with thousands of other knitters in the world.

Like with any product, our needles had fans and non-fans. Many knitters were overjoyed with the new, innovative cable, while other knitters found it didn’t work for their knitting style. We listened to feedback, and in an effort to make everyone happy, Susie and Mark started developing a firmer cable for all the non-fans. Many, many prototypes later, the Firm Cable was born.

Kollage now has two Square® Circulars: K-Kable(original) and Firm – that are sold worldwide. Knitters will have to give both versions a whirl, to see which cable fits their knitting style. Some knitters have found they like both cables, and choose a different one depending on the project they’re knitting. Just like a carpenter has many tools in his pouch and uses a particular hammer for each job. We are faced with the story of “Goldilocks and the Three Bears” and we hope you find a Square® Needle that “feels just right”.

Our original cable is very soft and flexible and has no memory. Some people even call it floppy. The new firm cable is similar to most other circular cables out in the market, except a little softer so it’s ready to knit with right out of the package. In regards to if they work for you is a personal choice. Some people like the soft and some like the firm. You will have to try them and see what you think!

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Square Needles Firm Square Needles Soft0-11(2.0mm - 8.0mm)FIRM

0-11(2.75mm - 8.0mm)KKable

Available in US sizes:
 16" (40.64cm):
0-11 (2.0mm - 8.0mm)
 24" (61.96cm):
0-3 (2.0mm - 3.25mm)
4-11 (3.5mm - 8.0mm)
 32" (81.3cm):
0-11 (2.0mm - 8.0mm)
 40" (101.6cm):

*All lengths include metric sizes of 2.5 and 3.0mm.*

Due to manufacturing delay there will be NO back orders available for Soft Cord(Kkable) needles.


Square DPN

Available in US sizes: *All 3 lengths include metric sizes of 2.5 and 3.0mm.*
 5" (12.7cm): 0-8 (2.0mm - 5.00mm)

 6" (15.24cm): 0-10 (2.0mm - 6.00mm)
 7" (17.78cm): 0-10 (2.0mm - 6.00mm)
Made out of high grade aluminum in a Titanium color.
Available in US sizes:
 10" (25.4cm):
  0-11 (2.0mm - 8.0mm)

arrow WOODEN
soft cable Available in US sizes:
 11" (27.9cm):
  13 (9mm) & 15 (10mm)
The needles are handmade in Vietnam from a hardwood called Forest Palm.

Available in US sizes:
 6" (15.25cm):
  A - L (2.0 - 8.0mm)

Our NEW Made in the USA Square® Crochet Hooks are now made with the option of round or pointed hooks. The handles are hand made with American Maple. Smaller sizes 2.0-3.0mm hooks are made with stainless steel and our other sizes 3.25mm-8.00mm hooks are made with high grade aluminum.

Handcrafted to our exacting standards, Kollage's Square® knitting needles are designed to be ergonomically suited to your hands, decreasing stress and strain for those who love to knit. They enable you to knit faster with more uniform stitches. At one of our shows, we had several pairs of Square® needles out with yarn for people to try. One sample was knit on by over 30 different people, but the stitches were all the same. These will be perfect with those slippery yarns so no more dropping stitches. We believe, and have been told by many, the Square® needles are easier to use by those who have arthritis, carpal tunnel, or stiffness in their hands and fingers. You've got to try them!