Quality Knitting Supplies from Louet North America

Knitting has seen a rise in popularity over the past few years as Millennials and Baby Boomers alike turn towards sustainable, hands-on hobbies and pastimes. Here at Louet North America, we are dedicated to ensuring the highest quality knitting supplies that are produced with environmentally sustainable practices.

The Knitting Supplies

We proudly maintain a wide selection of knitting and spinning supplies for all stages of the knitting process. Whether you are looking for new knitting patterns to try, a complete knitting kit, or if you would simply like to buy yarn online, we have what you need.

Knitting Tools

Louet North America has dedicated 40 years to providing the best knitting tools for all stages and skill levels. Our high quality knitting needles, for example, are available for the beginner and expert alike, including ergonomically designed options to help ageing hands continue this beloved past time.

Spinning and Weaving

Knitting is a wonderful hobby that allows you to create warm and cozy clothing, blankets, and more. Consider taking your knitting to the next level by spinning your own yarn using the wonderful fibers for sale here at Louet North America. Our spinning and weaving supplies, such as a variety of spinning wheels, allow you to further customize your creations by custom spinning your yarns.

Whether you're just starting to learn to knit, or you've spent years in practice, you will find the best knitting supplies for your projects here at Louet North America. To learn more about our wide selection, please contact the experts at Louet North America today!